Once upon a time there were people that cached because they loved it. There were people that tromped thru the woods for hours with old gps units and paper logs. They could cache all day and come home and log their finds . They could cache all week on vacation and a come home and log their finds. They did not have smartphones, and high tech gps units. They could chase a new cache and be in awe of whether someone had beaten them there when they arrived. They still enjoyed the hunt. Those were the days. There are still people that cache with those old units and carry paper today. WHAT?!! YOU SAY?? There are cachers that don't remember those days. Once upon a time no one expected you to stand out in the woods beside the cache and log online a ftf so they would not have to continue to travel and hunt for it. After all, what is the challenge if the ftf is gone? Once upon a time you did not get a condescending note if you did not stand in the rain, snow, hail ruining your new technology phone if you have one, and the battery isn't dead, to make sure there was immediate notification of your find. I cached with a student last week that did not have that new technology. We are all on one side or the other of this equation. How nice it would be if people with all the high tech equiptment would lighten up with the remarks to the people that don't log enroute and just enjoy the suspense of opening the logbook. Some people have cached this way for years. They all logged happily ever after. THE END. The wicked witch.