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Thread: Finds per Day?

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    Default Finds per Day?

    I have to admit that I am a bit curious regarding individuals who post in some cases 600 to over 700 finds in a single day. I am far from an expert at this Geocaching sport but, I struggle with the idea that these numbers are possible.
    The hours per day, mileage that would need to be travelled between caches just have me perplexed.

    How are these numbers possible given say just 10% of a 600 cache day takes a few extra moments to find and sign the log or god forbid, you find yourself in a beautiful location that you may want to enjoy for a moment.

    Am I way off base here? Thanks for any comments.

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    Yes they are possible. I myself have had two days of over 100, and find 600-700 a day amazing, but they are pretty much confined to the specific power trails such as the ET Highway in Nevada or the Rt 66 power run in the SouthWest which are designed primarily to get these insane numbers. The specific finds themselves are boring and not special, but looking at the whole run as an accomplishment in itself is what most people do. My friend Marcipanek did the ET highway in under 24 hours getting over 1000 finds in one calender day. TrickorTreat and Iampaw (Iampaw is Maine's highest finder right now with over 11,000 finds) just did the ET highway and Rt 66 last week. They got over 2000 finds on their trip out there! And they did the OLD ET highway run two years ago as well before it was archived and the new caches were put in place.

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    I did a 30 hour 1000+ trip around Northern Maine last Thursday into Friday without any sleep.. but only got 30 caches (including two FTFs).... was concentrating on getting my Delorme Grid finds....

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    All things considered, I'd much rather get 30 in a day and take some time in between to see the countryside than to cache where all your concentration is on getting as many as you can in a specified period of time where you simply don't have time, IMHO, to enjoy where you are.

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    That is one of the great things about this crazy activity of ours, the different things it is to different people. some like the Numbers game, some like the great locations, some like the hides some like hunting. It's done in towns, and in the woods. Some like the tech side of it. Some like event's some like the solitude of being out alone on the road hunting caches. Some Some people like learning about where they are visiting (I have alway's liked local history and I enjoy when people put the story in the listing).
    If a "team" is caching ( say there is 4 people on the team , dad, mom and two kids over 16 ) and they all go out to one of these power runs and take off in two or four cars just knocking out caches it seems like they would be able to do even larger numbers within a given time frame.

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