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Thread: GC3GGJK Geocaching's Two Mile High Club: CHALLENGE Cache!

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    Hiram.... there is a GSAK Macro but don't remember the name of it. I have it on my PC laptop that I run GSAK on but don't have it in front of me at the moment. I think it's called Elevations GSK. It takes a while to run but it is pretty cool.

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    Default Very close

    There a are a few elevation macros but the one ST is thinking of seems to be the most popular.

    It should only take a while to run the first time as on subsequent runs the macro will not check elevation on a cache it already has data for. However, if you are a cacher who deletes and replaces his database, it will always take longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CARoperPhotography View Post
    Awesome TAT! You should have come down and FTFed mine! But.....just so you know, someone got the FTF this morning on the cache but they have not logged it yet. I am going to hold back saying who, until they log it. TeamHorwich, Merenner and I all had a good time talking with the FTFers on site today!
    working sat and sun this weekend, besides, I only go after FTFs on caches haven't been found for 2 years! There's a bunch coming up!!
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    You off Monday? I am thinking about running up to the White Mountains to get the caches on Carter Mountain which were placed in Jan. and still haven't been found ha ha You know how I like the long distance FTF runs!

    If I was publisher..... I'd have FTFs every day!!

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    Unhappy Ooooops!

    By the way, I inadvertently told a lie..... I thought that I did have an FTF on a cache over 2 miles high.... I don't. My highest is : 9,866 ft

    GC33M6X Campout Cache 8-11 Alligator Lake, which is on the Henry Fork Trail in Uintah County, Utah..... that is the 15 mile trail into King's Peak, the Highest Peak in Utah and I logged the FTF on 9/19/2011. No one has found it since.... and NO I did NOT take the cache with me when I hiked out two days later! HA HA HA

    By the way, just got the official log from Parmachenee......! FTF on my Challenge! He will edit his log later I am sure.....

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    Parmacheene's edited log for the Challenge (it's a good one!):

    Found it
    First of all Chadd, we owe you a pint ....or two! When the Mile-High cache came up, we didn't think too much about it because we knew we had done a few of them and picked the most memorable. When this Two-Mile Club cache came up, we decided to do some research. We were surprised ourselves at the results!! We had done over 600 caches between the 1 mile and 2 mile range! Then we saw we had done 33 caches ABOVE the 2 mile altitude! 29 of these were traditional with 25 still active. The marmots don't muggle? We decided to drive to Portland and log the cache today and notified the CO of our intentions. We arrived at GZ and saw the distinctive black jeep in the parking lot. "Why would he put the cache here?" we thought. We parked our car and followed our gpsr right to the jeep? It can't be there we pondered? It was there...within a few feet. Soon we met SeriousTool, TeamHorwich, and merenner as we retrieved the cache from its location. What a nice reception! We really appreciated it! As we talked, and Chadd mentioned something significant about the location, we had the "DUH" moment! Clever!!
    I'm posting the cache GC15A3R - Your Placer or MINE: End of Summer '07 cache as the official Two-Mile achievement at 12308ft according to GSAK. I checked it on Google Earth which has it slightly higher.
    We will post some pics of the cache which we found July, 03, 2009. There was still snow there!
    Thanks again Chadd. We enjoy these caches that are "elevated" above the rest!

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