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    Quote Originally Posted by CARoperPhotography View Post
    Have any of you considered posting a note on the cache listing (or contacting the CO.... I'd prefer a note because more would see it, and be able to answer) inquiring about how to access this cache?
    I sent an email with a few questions, more so about why it wasn't listed as in Maine if he thought it was in Maine, but got no reply. I didn't bother top post a note on the cache page as I didn't want to stir anything up, it's not that important. I'm guessing since the CO is in Canada he may not be the best authority to question about how to get there from the US. At least one log makes it sound like they were concerned they would have border issues getting to the cache from Canada.

    I translated as well and do not fully understand the "Against us by a customs official said the carrier was hiding abroad" part.

    I have no doubt if the cache is in Maine (as I am confident it is) that anyone can get there without going into Canada. It may take some bushwhacking and there appears to be a small stream to cross, and some woods and fields. One question is whether you could drive there without having issues with customs. The second question is whether it's worth the risk to bushwhack, since if someone saw you and reported it, you could get in a mess with customs without even crossing the border. We got stopped once and questioned for an hour after turning around 200 feet before crossing the border in Coburn Gore. It may not be right, but if they can corrupt your day for turning around 200 feet from the border, imagine what they might do for bushwhacking behind people's houses going toward the border...
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