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Thread: Hardest Easy Cache, Easiest Hard Cache?

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    Default Hardest Easy Cache, Easiest Hard Cache?

    I made a recent post that prompted me to ask this question.

    What is the easiest cache you worked the most for and/or what is the hardest cache you have done the least work for?

    The hardest I worked for an easy cache would be Remember the River Drivers II - Leonards Mills (Traditional)(Regular) (GC1D4XW) by EvilHomer (1.5/2). We kayaked 6+ miles each way from Dean's Landing to do a cache you can easily park within 20 feet of.

    The least I have worked for a hard cache, at least one of the most memorable, is Morse Mountain (Traditional)(Regular) (GC5441) by Team Chucky Cheese (2/2.5). While doing this cache the right way is not incredibly hard, about a mile walk each way, I was tired and bummed to find out the parking lot was full, and then the parking attendant let me drive through the gate and allowed me to get the cache and park my truck in her parking spot to check out the beach. I returned years later with Lee and walked from parking as intended. This is a really great area, assuming permission can be obtained, someone should place another cache here!
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