Hi Gang, Yeah, I'm still among the living, but preoccupied right now with family health issues that trump geocaching....and for that matter my available time to do spring maintenance on the 101 caches I have placed. This has been discussed before, and maybe beaten to death, but I would estimate that every third log I read on my caches indicates that some of the logs are wet, damp, or unsignable. I'd say half of these logs cry out " For pete's sake, get the heck out here and replace this friggin' wet log right now!" Ever had that kind of reaction to a log? As I suggested, preached, begged, implored, it's not much of a chore to download spare logs and tuck a few in your pocket or caching pack and replace logs that need replacing. Alternatively, and until I get out and get back in the game, I can simply archive caches or wait until I get the dreaded note from tat. The purpose of this post/thread is to suggest to newer cachers that replacing wet logs is a good thing to do, good for the game and downright considerate. The veterans already know, especially those with a lot of caches placed for other's enjoyment. I hope this doesn't generate and negative commentary as I hope cachers that visit Maine will continue to enjoy the hides I placed.