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Thread: Wet Logs/Replacing Wet Logs!

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    Default Wet Logs/Replacing Wet Logs!

    Hi Gang, Yeah, I'm still among the living, but preoccupied right now with family health issues that trump geocaching....and for that matter my available time to do spring maintenance on the 101 caches I have placed. This has been discussed before, and maybe beaten to death, but I would estimate that every third log I read on my caches indicates that some of the logs are wet, damp, or unsignable. I'd say half of these logs cry out " For pete's sake, get the heck out here and replace this friggin' wet log right now!" Ever had that kind of reaction to a log? As I suggested, preached, begged, implored, it's not much of a chore to download spare logs and tuck a few in your pocket or caching pack and replace logs that need replacing. Alternatively, and until I get out and get back in the game, I can simply archive caches or wait until I get the dreaded note from tat. The purpose of this post/thread is to suggest to newer cachers that replacing wet logs is a good thing to do, good for the game and downright considerate. The veterans already know, especially those with a lot of caches placed for other's enjoyment. I hope this doesn't generate and negative commentary as I hope cachers that visit Maine will continue to enjoy the hides I placed.
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    Dan, good to see your name on a post again. I agree with you, everyone should try to carry a few spare logs along with them if possible to assist in cache mainentance. We've done some in the past and we're sure to replace a few in the future. Hope you and Di are doing as well as you can, especially with all the things going on in your life.

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    I generally carry a few extra logs of various sizes in my Geo "Purse" (term coined by a Geo-hating ex girlfriend....). I usually slip a few in my pocke before heading on out to a cache-ladden trail and I take it upon myself to replace logs for people. I know some cachers (a very few) like to log-monitor on their caches to verify finds but I always offer to mail the wet logs to the cache owner to verification if they so desire.

    I've even volunteered ahead of time to do maintenance on caches in areas I know I'll be and even straight out replaced missing caches as well!

    Glad to see you back on the Forum, Dan. I hope all improves with the family health issues. We miss you!
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    Yup, I have various sized logs in my pack and have been replacing many this year already. Full logs are an easy fix, and yes we also offer to mail them, which is rarely necessary. The wet logs are usually the bigger issue. Baggies help if the water is getting in via a cracked or inadequate container. While I do have a few film cans and bison tubes with me I don't always have anything larger. A fresh baggie will hopefully get the cache by until the CO can get out themselves to do maintenance. In those instances I will post a Needs Maintenance log to alert them. Not for just a wet or full log that I can easily fix. Oh, and sometime the rolls of duct tape I carry will fix a slightly damaged container as well.
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    I usually carry a Rite-In-The-Rain journal with me, so if I come across a log that needs replacing I'll cut out a strip or page and replace it with that.

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    I try to carry some extras with me but I like UMainah's idea of the rite-in-the-rain logs.
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