anyone have additional knowledge or sage advice re geocaching on Maine’s Dept Inland Fisheries and Wildlife lands?

a couple of years ago i put out 2 caches on Jamie’s Pond property in Manchester/Hallowell thinking as there were other caches there i could do the same, but you know what they say about assuming! unfortunately, the caches had to be archived after talking with a very pleasant guy from DIF - apparently the issue with geocaching is “storing” personal property on their land, much like leaving behind boats or tree stands is disallowed.

for the last 6 months i’ve been eyeing this new trail, but noticed DIF owns the land - although this new access trail has no caches, there are a number of them on the same property which are accessed from a different trail system. i prefer not to identify the area or caches, but the caches are anywhere from 1 ˝ to 5 years old. checked DIF's extensive website, but still do not see geocaching even mentioned there.

i’m wondering: does each separate property have different use guidelines or is there a blanket policy governing all DIF lands? were the guidelines changed at some point and older caches grandfathered? is it worth asking for permission again now that some time has gone by? anyone have previous experience with or currently working with TPTB?

thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas!