some friends were over this past weekend and It came up that In a couple of weeks I was going to be going on a two night three day geocaching trip to try for 13 pages on the Delorme challenge. Not really a true power run because I plan to do a lot of hikeing type geocaches and I do not want to do one geocache on a page and run, so the plan is two-four per page. OK back on topic, My friends ,and the better half, think I am crazy for alway's heading out on camping trips and Geocaching runs without a hand gun for "protection" from either wildlife or wild people. I think they are parinoid, I have been hiking and camping since I was 12 and my first camping trip in maine was over 24 years ago and NEVER have I carried a gun. I have them and I am not oppossed to them but Like I say, personally I don't feel the need to go geocaching "armed". I was just wondering how other "GEOCACHER'S" feel on this subject. I also realize some folk may not want to give their views to this in a public forum.