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Thread: My New GPS!

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    I opted for City Select over Topo because I also wanted to be able to use it for traveling in areas outside of Maine. Here in Maine the good old Delorme Maine Atlas is still hard to beat, the 60c Mapsource routes aren't always the best.

    For topo maps we have Maptech Outdoor Navigator on our Pocket PC. For only $20 it's hard to beat. It's not the most user friendly program, but I didn't expect much for the price.

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    good choice, if i was to buy one today i believe i too would have picked that model, I will be coming up your way for a few days next week from tues to friday, maybe we could grab a cup of coffee somewhere and get an eyeball , i am making this a geocach trip along with some other areas i would like to visit... if your interested, i will pass along my cell number... i am looking forward to going to the county...

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