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Thread: Maine Wildlife Park puzzle cache 6/29/12

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    Post Maine Wildlife Park puzzle cache 6/29/12

    i'm heading to the puzzle cache in the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray (GC3M2QV) tomorrow morning and have obtained a pass for up to 7 persons 4 and older to get in for $2.50 each (instead of the usual $7 admission) - there's only one of me, so 6 more folks could meet me at the gate and also get the discount and the 2 caches there (1 is outside of the gates, the other requires entry into the park to solve the puzzle) - shoot me a message through the GC site if interested...

    sorry for the very short notice!

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    That would be cool if i was anywhere near Gray. Thanks for the offer though. Have a fun time!
    Happy Trails!

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