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Thread: Mainiac1957 hits 300!

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    Default Way to go!

    Congratulations on I sit and ponder that...that's 300 finds and many damn good hides! Here's to the next 100 and high five all the way around!

    Just think how many miles that is for the Geopups! If you have cached with them, you know how many trips up and back they make! LOL

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    What a feat!!!!! Congratulations................that is a lot of trekking.

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    Default Wow 300!!!!

    Congrats, and I'm sure that there are 300 interesting stories to match.
    Why not live life like it is your last day....instead of pretending to be a member of the Peter Pan Club and believing you will be around forever.

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    Default Aw shucks

    I want to sincerly thank you all for the kind words. I have really enjoyed the two years that I have been caching. The great places I been taken to, and the sights I've seen. These pale in comparison to all of the friends and companions I've met in this time. I enjoy getting together and caching or just chatting with you all. These friendships have been the highlight of my caching experiences. Thank you for that. I'm heading for Prince Edward Island in the morning. I may have 350 by the time I get back. See you all at the next event I hope.
    Happy Trails!

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    Default 300!!!!!!!

    wow, congratulations! i'm glad i got to cache with you on a few of them! and i hope i get a chance to cache with you on some of your next 300!
    "life is short...make a mess of it!"

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    And they say it isnt about the numbers.............. Nice mile stone.... keep it up....... just make sure you enjoy them all..........................great job.

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    Thumbs up Congrats on

    a great accomplishment, and we are happy to have had the chance to accompany you and the pups on a few of these finds. Here's to the next 100!

    Mike, Lori, and Jen.

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    Most impressive! Congratulations and many, many, many, many more!

    John and Diana

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