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Thread: EGSG break the 800 mark!

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    800!!! Wow.....that is just incredible. You should write a book!!!!! Congratulations.

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    800 is years away for us. Congratulations!!

    TwoMaineiacs / Anne and Joe

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for all the kind words, but more importantly thanks for hiding the caches. Things have certainly changed since we started. There were about 250 caches in the state and Brdad leading the pack with 60 caches. We'll never forget the first email we got from him. We saw the email, and it was like the gods were talking to us. We opened the email and he said "What did you do to Old 470? You were the last to find it before it turned up missing." The gods were not pleased. Since then we are more concerned about our LTF (last to find) then our FTFs. So we don't know how many we have, but do have FTFs in 3 different states.
    We enjoyed meeting fellow cachers on the trails, to name a few - Mstelee on our 5th cache and Haffy on our 50th, and Parmachenee on that memorial day doing "Halfmile".
    As I was writing this we were discussing our favorite caches. The first one on both of our list is "Battleship" it was one of our first caches. We spent an entire weekend on it and loved every minute. More recently we enjoyed Beckets on Deer Isle and Sudonims in Frankfort. In between, we remember the caches, but not the names or the hiders, sorry. But Dyslexic's Nightmare, Stacked on Stillwater, Grout Trail, Twister Sister Cedar Stump, the kids cache, Etna bog, and Sharon's 2nd favorite Frick and Frack come to mind
    Again thanks for the hides.
    Ed and Sharon

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    You once told me you knew I was hooked on geocaching from seeing me look for The Brady Gang Cache my first weekend out! And, I've been happy to see you both on the trails since then and at the events. Who knew our paths would cross again in such a happy way, eh? Be careful with those Texas caches - wear your boots, Sharon! I have three Texas caches to my name, and was very, very careful about reaching in holes under trees and rocks! I'll miss you but remember that you have set the bar very high for your friends remaining here in Maine! Fondly and with all best wishes,


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    Quote Originally Posted by EGSG
    As I was writing this we were discussing our favorite caches.
    Sheesh! And I thought the one in the light post was on EVERYONE's list of favorites! LOL!

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    Well done Ed & Sharon on passing the 800 mark and you beat me yet to another milestone but we won't be far behind.

    I was hoping to pass him before I went back to work but he kept finding all the new Maine caches and once they move south I expect it will be harder to catch them.

    See you in October where we'll fit some Mass. caching in.

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    Talking Wow!!

    Great job Ed and Sharon...we will surely miss you when you leave. We'll always remember our search for pucks in the woods together and meeting you on the trail and at the events. Don't forget, we still have one last meeting at the Sea Dog before you leave. See you soon.

    Frank and Charron

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    Wow, an incredible feat! May your days be sunny and the batteries never run low.

    John and Diana

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