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    A recent PM prompted this post...

    The number of cachers and caches are growing exponentially in Maine. As much as we try to get certian cachers (new or seasoned) involved in this site or events, there are those who choose to be alone (some are just a little stubborn ) and there is little way to insure Maine caches retain their quality.

    One way is by email, if it can be nicely and positively stated, explaining why you might disagree with the action a particular cacher took. This can be tough to do.

    But there is another way we can. That is by setting an example.

    If a cacher finds 10 lamp post micros, he will assume he should hide the same thing.
    If a cacher reads logs of cachers trading a dirty used golf ball for a $5 item, he will assume it is ok to do so.
    If a cacher finds a Gladware cache, broken and wet, he will hide the same assuming that's part of the game.
    If a cacher sees a cache owner disable a lost or damaged cache and not do anything about it for 2.5 years, he will assume that is acceptable.

    You get the picture - we as regular cachers affect other cachers more than we may think. Our hides and our actions give other cachers a baseline from which to start from.

    It's impossible to expect everyone to do what is best for geocaching in Maine. And, there are multiple opinions of what is best. But we should remember when we place, log, or trade, that we are setting an example for others.
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