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Thread: Maine Geotour?

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    Default Maine Geotour?

    So when will the Maine contingent be working with the state to start their own geotour? There are numerous states who have them,will Maine be next?
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    John, You know how independent we are up here. There are small pockets of cooperation, but not enough to organize that. IMHO Not that I wouldn't like to see such a thing mind you.
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    GeoTours are created by travel and tourism professionals as an easy to put their destination on the map for millions to discover. State parks are one possibility, but any tourist board or chamber of commerce, etc. can work with Groundspeak to create a GeoTour.

    Call or write the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands if you'd like to see a Maine State Park GeoTour!

    Division of Parks and Public Lands
    22 State House Station
    18 Elkins Lane (AMHI Campus)
    Augusta, ME 04333-0022
    P: 287-3821 F: 287-8111
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