I am in the process of logging finds I have had in a database going back about two years. I noticed along the way that I had logged a cache twice somewhere. I knew it was possible to easily find it in GSAK but could not figure out how to do it. So I asked the expert, BrDad.

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I have a question. Apparently I have logged a cache twice. How do I find out which one?

Easiest way is in GSAK.

Update a database of your finds with the "Myfinds" PQ.

Set a filter in GSAK:
Search - Filter - click the "Logs" tab.
Set Required Count to "Greater than or equal to" - 2
Deselect Select All for Log Types
Select Found It under Log Types.
Click Go
Any caches listed have 2 or more found logs.

This is a picture of what the filter dialog should be set to: