My "Frankinfoot" is acting up and my doctor has put it in a walking cast. AGAIN!
I can walk around a bit, but only on even ground. Since it's my right foot, I can't drive! Shotgun hauls my butt around now.
I have 13 days left on the "A cache every day of the year" challenge, from today until June 28th.
I,m here to plead for my fellow, local Geocachers to place some easy terrain caches in the Waterville/Winslow, Augusta/Gardiner areas. Several days Shotgun will have to take me out geocaching after she gets home from work and she doesn't feel like driving to Lewiston, Portland or Bangor to find a cache I can access.
Help ole' Mapachi out, folks! There are still some guard rails out there with no caches in them!