I was surfing WorldCaching.com, one of my favorite Canadian geocaching stores, when I came across a book, GeoTourism Adventures: Gold Country Phase 1, http://www.worldcaching.com/index.ph...d=gold+country about a 2009 opening of 72 hides in British Columbia, Canada. Phase 2, that recently opened brings the count to 144 hides, http://www.goldtrail.com/findcache.cfm The book PDF, http://goldtrail.com/Site%20Pages/E%...ld%20Guide.pdf looks pretty interesting. I've asked for the books as a gift for summer reading to start the research.

Would anyone be interested in planning this with us as a group trip for August 2016? We've been looking into taking the train across Canada to make it to the August HQ Block Party in WA but we've also considered renting an RV and splitting the cost among those crazy enough to do this run. Reed2ME has been on numerous road trips so planning a route is easy for Mama. Let us know your thoughts!