Hey all,
I wanted to get this information out on this list as well as the National Geocaching website, and I figured I might as well introduce myself.
My name is Jay, I go by Tekka in the Geocaching circles. I have been an on again off again cacher for several years, starting back with Noreasta when he used to keep paper logs. (That should date myself!)

Anyway, The Hutchinson Center in Belfast (a UMaine satellite campus) is going to hold a Geocache event on July 27th, 2013.
It is called the FHC Geocache Dash!.

What is this all about?

It is going to be a Geocaching seminar from 9 AM - noon, with 45 minute presentations and lectures.
Topics will range from "How do I get started in Geocaching" to "Ticks and the woods" to "software management for your Geocaching experience".

At Noon is when the real fun begins.
Starting at 12:30, a list of 20 caches are going to be released to the participants who have registered for the Geocache Dash.
Registration is free, however, you need to register to get the FHC Geocache Dash "passport" to log all your cache finds.
Caching for these brand new, minty fresh caches will start at 1 PM and will go until 4 PM when the "passports" have to be turned in to the Hutchinson Center for logging.
(FHC staff will be logging the "finds" from 4 - 5, then having the drawings after 5 PM)

Basically, there will be a special stamp in each cache. Each cache will have their own stamp "page" in the passport.
Each cache will also have their own Geocache official designator, so you will get credit for them towards your total cache finds.

These 20 caches will be all over Waldo County. Some will be close to the Hutchinson Center (near the Bank of America complex on Rt. 3) others might be over an hour away in the county, so.. if you want to find all 20, you might have to put some strategy into this.

There WILL be drawings based upon caches found.
Some caches will have a special drawing for those who have found it.
Other drawings will take place for anyone who has found at least one cache.

* Note, there is no FIRST PLACE for someone who finds all of the caches first.* This is not a race, rather a timed event to find as many caches as you can. You will not get anything for finding all of the caches and submitting the passport first. We want everyone to be safe out there on the roads.

We WILL have vendor space in the Atrium of the Hutchinson Center. (And are looking for more vendors if you are one, or know one who might be interested!)
Vendors will be available from 9 am - 5 PM.
We have contacted several of the big GPS companies for donations or to have them on site.
We are going to have custom FHC Geocache Dash travel bugs available.

We are looking to make this a BIG event, growing each year!

More information is coming every day, however, I wanted to get something out here on the forum.

I hope this can attract a fair amount of Maine Geocachers to come on down to Belfast for a day of caching!

- Tekka