Got this message this morning. I put my response at the end.

Last week you submitted a request to receive one of our Michelin Man trackables to celebrate our 125th anniversary Geocaching contest.
We received overwhelming interest in our contest in a record amount of time and thus closed the website from accepting further requests. However, we still took in more requests than we are able to fulfill and, unfortunately, your request came in too late for the current allocation. We distributed our trackables on a first-come, first-serve basis and although we desperately wish we could, we are unable to send out a trackable to everyone who requested one.

BUT ... don't worry ... we've got some good news ...
We were able to secure 500 more Michelin Man tire pressure gauges and trackable tags! So we are going to open the website, once again, in a few weeks and will give everyone another chance to request a trackable. Follow @MichelinUSA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out when the request form will be available.
We'd also like to answer some questions that have been thrown our way since launching on the 8th.

Dear Lauren Davis,

Wait a minute! I already entered the contest and was told I would be getting one, you over booked and say I can not get one. Now you are saying you are going to get more but I have to entire another contest, and win, only to be not awarded the prize as promoted again? I think you should honor the first winners first, don't you think?