Just curious as to what others think about a situation that happened yesterday. I went caching in the Boothbay Harbor area yesterday and on the way down I thought I would get a cache that had just been listed.Well upon arriving at the cache site and finding the cache I opened the logbook to find that I was indeed the FTF or so I thought. So my entry went something like thanks for the FTF and I left my Maine note that I usually leave in caches lately and took nothing. I get home after all day caching and find that another cacher claims the FTF,,,,Hmmmm I wonder. So I email the other cacher and he said that he found the cache but didn't open it or sign the logbook and his excuse was that a 4whlr came by and he decided to not give the site away. What are your thoughts on this? I'm just curious. 1 more FTF isn't going to make much difference to me and he said in his log on the website that it was his first FTF.