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Thread: Lets Make GeocachingMaine.org Great Again!

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    Default Lets Make GeocachingMaine.org Great Again!

    GeocachingMaine.org used to be a great forum for geocachers, and it attracted many visitors from outside Maine, and especially people "from away" who were planning geocaching trips to Maine. Lets publicize the site, get it back to being an active forum for geocachers.

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    Nothing would make me happier!
    Happy Trails!

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    Sounds good to me. Let's do it.
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    Have been thinking about this since it was posted, but not sure what it'd take to draw anyone in. The Georgia Geocaching Assosiation has a challenge every month. They do theirs on facebook, but it could be posted here, but we'd need someone that could think the challenges us and had time and desire to post them on a regular basis. Perhaps they could even be done seasonally instead of monthly. Maybe there are better ideas.

    This is the current GGA challenge for reference:
    GGA Challenge #38: Half Love!
    Challenge Period: Monday, 9/24/18 to Sunday, 9/30/18.
    Deadline for submitting proof: Wednesday, 10/3/18 by 11:59 PM.
    Points apply to: November GGA Drawing (11/10/18)

    This week’s challenge is called “Half Love”, because who doesn’t love the “halfs”?! Of course, we’re talking about the Difficulty and Terrain ratings!!

    As you know, a cache’s Difficulty or Terrain can be rated 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5—that’s four halfs! If you count that you can use a “half” for both Difficulty and Terrain, that’s a total of EIGHT possible halfs you can find!! Your challenge for this week is to find these “half” ratings!

    Here are your levels:

    Bronze: Find any TWO caches with a D or a T rating that has a “half” in it!

    Silver: Find any FOUR caches with a D or a T rating that has a “half” in it!!

    Gold: Find any FOUR caches with a D or a T rating that has a “half” in it. For the Gold, you CAN NOT use any D or T “Half” rating more than one time!!!

    For example, if you’re going for the Gold and you find a 2/1.5, you have now filled the “1.5T” slot and you can not count another cache towards the gold using that. If you find a 1.5/1.5, you CAN use the “1.5D”, and now you have two for the week and you cannot count anymore 1.5’s for your Gold (Since you have found both a 1.5T and a 1.5D). Your four caches MUST have a unique “half” D or T

    SPECIAL BONUS: There are a total of 8 “Half” ratings. Can you find them all? 8 caches? Each with a different D or T “Half”? If you can find all 8, you’ve just earned a FREE GOLD PASS to use in a future week!! Way to go!!

    Some clarifications:

    •For Bronze or Silver, all your finds can use the same D/T, as long as it includes a “half” (you can find two 1/1.5’s to claim Bronze).
    •For GOLD, you must have 4 DIFFERENT D or T ratings (Noting that D and T each count as a separate rating) on a total of four caches.
    •Each cache you find will only count for ONE rating (D or T).
    •If you and a friend find a “5D” cache, you can not “Split” that and count it as a 2.5D!!
    •I know that it should be “halves”, but “halfs” fits the challenge better!

    Send your proof of completion to ggachallenges@gmail.com by the deadline to earn your points and chances in the September drawing! In your email include:

    • Which level you qualified for
    • Your qualifying caches/actions
    • Your geonick
    • Your real name

    Don’t forget to post your pictures and stories on the GGA Facebook page! Tag them with #ggachallenges

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