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Thread: What happened to our game?

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    Default What happened to our game?

    It's been a bit since I logged on to this site or did any caching. Now that Di and I are retired, we intend to return to the game that we have enjoyed so much. But, what the heck is going on? I have people logging caches that were disabled 10 years ago! They say they were with a group. Nobody says a thing about what they find unless the cache "NEEDS MAINTENANCE" and apparently none of the newbies understand that they can replace logs or caches that need help. I don't see much action on this site but those that do visit are encouraged to encourage the new generation that none of us give a hoot about how many caches you "log" by attaching your "finds" to something your brother found a decade ago. I think the veteran cachers will understand this rant.
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    Like you, we have been out of the loop for a while. We picked it up this week as pete490 was on vacation. We have gone out 4 days so far. It feels good to be back at it. We hope to continue the fun this summer. I even helped my sister download the app for her phone so that she and her husband can do some geocaching as he is newly retired and looking for something to pass the time. Hopefully, more people will join in the discussion. Welcome back!

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    With this pandemic limiting what people can do there has been an influx of newbies. Most have no mentors to steer them in old school etiquette. Something we will just have to live with I guess.
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