Chastise me if this is off topic (then move it where it belongs, please) but since we're on the subject of ticks I'm wondering what folks preferences are for insect repellent. I saw some repellent made in Corinna the other day called 'buzz-off'. The ingredients appear to be herbs and oils but the price was over $6 a bottle. As I type this and think about it that's not that bad. The bottle was about twice the size of Ben's 100 and if it is used like Ben's, the bottle would last a long time. I'm wondering if anyone has tried it. I've got to have something that works when I'm surveying because I can't run and hide in the truck...although I'd like to sometimes. I've been using Deep Woods Off lately but it sweats off pretty easily. Ben's or the other oils last longer but the DEET likes to make the plastic items I use sticky.