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Thread: RE: Looking for some input

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    Default Couple other things.......

    Some people are using laptops while on the road to ensure up-to-date information and allow for more "real-time" posting of finds. I saw a log recently where someone posted their log using a PSP!!

    In case Steve doesn't see this before you send it to print......Nor’eastar is actually Noreasta.

    Are you planning to include the the site in the article? A great way to meet fellow cachers and learn about local caching, activities, etc.

    I look forward to seeing the article!! Please let us know when it is available.
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    Thanks for the input. Based on your suggestions I will . . .

    -- add in the fact that internet access may be as little as zero dollars if you can access it free at a library

    -- Add in PDA/Palm Pilot

    -- Mention that used GPSrs can be bought for even less

    -- Mention both and in the article

    -- And yes I will get Steve's knickname right eventually . . . so far I've spelled it every which way but the right way

    I probably won't mention the laptops that some folks use . . . don't want to complicate things too much . . . ditto on GSAK, cachemate and pocket queries.
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    Don't forget the maps, either printing them from the geocaching site or a good old Delormes Maine Atlas for those of us caching here as an inexpensive means of getting around the State all the way up to Mapping software for PDA or Mapping Software for the more complex GPSr's.

    Mapping has proved to be my biggest concerns as I exhaust local caches and move farther away from home base.

    Great Article and I look forward to seeing the final print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by covefarm
    I don't really understand pocket queries. I have read the description, but....I don't get it. Can someone explain? Please and thank-you.
    Pocket queries allow you to get specific information on a group of caches from It comes in a file format that can be used by the usual cache managers - GSAK, EasyGPS, etc., - and makes cache management much easier.

    Say for example you're making a business trip to Boston, and want to do a little geocaching while you're in the area. You can set up a pocket query to create a list of caches within a specific radius of Boston, of specific types of caches (regular/virtual/etc.), specific difficulty levels (i.e., nothing more than a 2 1/2), etc.

    The pocket queries are even better if you have mapping software on your GPS (Garmin's Mapsource, for example ), on your computer (Delorme's Street Atlas, for example), or on your PDA (Street Atlas Handheld and Cachemate). Loading a pocket query into GSAK will allow you to export information to any of these other applications.

    If you're not yet a permier member of, and can't get to the pocket query page to check it out, email me and I'll send you a text file showing you what the page looks like.

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