After a journey of over ten years, the Hoys are back in Maine. Of course, since GeoCaching didn't exist when we moved away, so we are complete newbies to GeoCaching in Maine.

I got my first introduction to GeoCaching in New Hampshire about 7 years ago, and I was hooked instantly. I moved to Kentucky about three years ago and got involved in the formation of the GeoCachers of Kentucky, and ended up as their President and Webmaster until recently. I'm still serving as their Webmaster for the moment.

My wife, Melissa, and I have a three year old daughter named Mathea (mah-tay-ah). Mathea was born in New Hampshire and lived there for about a month and a half, but I was laid off about 4 days after she was born, so we moved to Kentucky for a new job and a new adventure. We've been married for 15 years and we've moved 9 times during that period. Guess you could call us nomads.

Our goal has always been to get back to Maine, and we've finally managed it via a telecommuting arrangement. I'm still working for a company in Lexington, Kentucky, telecommuting three weeks out of each month and flying down for one week. We're living in Topsham, Maine, and my mother lives up in Brooklin (near Blue Hill). Hopefully, this will be our last move for a long time.

If anyone wants some background on us, the following sites will give you an idea, and a few pictures.

Our page:
Mathea's Album:

I look forward to eventually finding the time to get a few caches around here, and maybe come up with some interesting ideas for caches to place. Gotta settle in and figure out what works here, and see if there are any ideas from Kentucky that haven't made it here yet that people might enjoy.

I'm also willing to help out on the web page here and there if assistance is needed, though from the look of your site things are in pretty good shape.

If anyone has a travel bug that needs a big jump, let me know. I can take it down to Kentucky (as long as it's something that can be carried onto a plane without being snagged by Airport Security, of course) and drop it off there during one of my monthly trips.