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Thread: The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront

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    Quote Originally Posted by attroll
    I did not catch all of the conversation because I was towards the end of the table also. I heard Karen or Gary saying something about a co-ed kayaking naked event.
    Seems like I have seen a Coed Naked Geocaching Team sweatshirt somewhere...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe?
    No... Next year this should be a GEocaching EVENT! LOL!
    It's funny that you say that . . . while out inspecting I was looking over several spots and thought to myself . . . you know I could easily set up some virtual and physical caches in here and I bet some of my geo-caching buddies from would really get a kick out of it . . . maybe something for me to do next year. I think I could do it fairly easily since this all happens in my "front yard" at work.
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