As most of you know we are moving to Texas in a few weeks. Unforunately, we can't take Casey with us. We don't want to give him to just anybody, as he's a great dog. The two families we had in mind both dropped out at the last minute.
As he is a great caching dog, no - he can't find a cache, but the only thing he loves more than going for a hike is riding in a car. Well, maybe laying on a couch, watching TV, with his people is in there too.
He loves being around people. We thought a caching family would like to adopt him
He's a great family dog as he has always lived with cats and is great with kids.
He's an 8 yr old German Shepard / Shelti mix. He's been fixed and has all his shots.
If you're interested send us a message or call us at 947-1118