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Thread: Garmin software updates

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    Ooh.... Color. Pretty! : )

    I looked at the GPS 60 and it seems fairly functional and it would be fun to give it's dedicacted geocaching feature a whirl. The price point is (what I think) rather high since it's a non mapping GPS. I might go and look at the GPSMAP 60 and see what I think, though the price is also high on that one. I still 'kinda' like the idea of having two for the price of one... One to lose and one to keep. : )

    The input is good. Thanks! : )

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    Hey folks,

    Spring is in the air and it is time to get the GPSr warmed up and ready. I have a Garmin 60c and it is awesome. I love it. However the software that comes with it is crap. I bought the Mapsource topo USA. Abit on the pricey side as well. The 60c also does not come with a case either. Nor a mount for a vehicle.

    THe 60c was around 450.00
    The case was 15.00
    The software was 105.00
    The vehicle mount was 25.00
    THe DC power source was 20.00
    Grand Total 615.00

    ASK yourself if your going to do enough caching to justify that. I wouldn't trade it now that I have it but I might not go quite so fancy.

    If you decide to make the commitment you won't be sorry.

    Happy Trails

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    Problem solved!! : )

    I just got a super sweet deal on a Rino 120 - The best of both worlds if you ask me. The mapping, the radio (Normally I shut it off but a firm believer in 'just in case.') and yes, my beloved external quad helix antenna (now appearing on the GPS 60 series as well...)

    It's my beloved Rino 110... now on map steroids!

    The cincher on it was finding it in the LL Bean outlet and striking an even better deal on it on top of that. An already on sale Rino 110 in the main store (plus the cable I would have had to buy) would have actually cost me more than the 120 I just bought that already ships with the cable. YAY for excessive bargaining!! : )

    I also decided to keep my Legend after all. It now seemed almost silly to return it since A) it was a gift from my honey B) Enough of you like it to warrant it giving it a second chance and C) a spare in the bag now seems like a good idea... er... somehow?

    Thanks everyone for all the fabulous input on this. I greatly appreciated all that I was hearing, especially more on why NOT to buy certain models. Now if I can only get brdad to (heh) supercharge my Rino. Deny it all you want, brdad!! We know you're smarter than you would lead us to believe. : )

    Dave1976 - I think you may have summed it up the best for all of us. WAY Ouch!

    -GeoMaine- (Stephan)

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