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The BBS I ran was not here in Maine. When I was in the military I ran one in Washington State from 1987 to 89. Then the Navy moved me to Virginia and I moved the BBS there from 1989 to 1991. But that was when the Commodore started lagging and slowly got outpowered by the PC. So I shut down the BBS and put it all in a box and there is sits still. I put a lot of money into that BBS. In fact all the equipment I have cost more then the computer I now own and I could not even give it away. LOL.
I'll bet you were even a subscriber to QLInk - the predecessor of AOL.

I lived in North Carolina in the late 80's, and there were a lot of BBS's there. Still have HUNDREDS of 5 1/4 floppies with games I downloaded to use "in the future". I don't think I've ever touched them...

I wanted to set up a BBS myself, but a 20 MB hard drive was WAY out of my price range! LOL!