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Thread: another milestone!

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    Thumbs up Keep on Caching

    Congratulations Cameoooooo!!!! Way to go!!!

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    Smile Way to go Cameoooo!

    We knew this was coming soon. Just have to get those priorities out of the way first...and then hit the trail. Congratulations!

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    Talking Congrats!!!

    You must be "almost up to your neck" in finds by now. With 300 finds, in such a short time, "we do have a winner". I'll have to "use up a lifeline soon" to catch up to you. Congrats on all your finds, I'm sure you have a million stories to tell. I know the Team has a few. 300
    Why not live life like it is your last day....instead of pretending to be a member of the Peter Pan Club and believing you will be around forever.

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    Smile Awww...thanks!

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. Caching has been such an adventure for me and I have enjoyed every minute, well almost every minute. I have some great friends in this group and we have shared some great times. Thanks to you few that relived them for everybody in this thread. They still make me laugh and smile. I look forward to my next 100, and hope to spent quality time with all of you on my way there. Thanks again!

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    A day late and a dollar short? Congrats on your milestone!!! I KNOW you have had lots of fun and laughs because I have been able to join you on some of your adventures. Hope you have lots and lots more fun and I look forward to caching with you again at some point!
    ~ Beach Comber ~

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