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Thread: Almost Lost My GPS

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    LOL Anne, I went from paperless, just go out and find with no notes to paperless on my PDA Only bit me a few times cause it died on me but I love it. I have a windows CE unit and what i do is useing the pocet queries I download 2 sets of waypoint files. 1 files is the caches that I have not found the other one is for the caches I have found. In setting them up I also download them in pocket reader format and copy thoose files to my pda. I also had to install a pocket reader program on my PDA. There are probally better options for the palm os but I just do not work with the palm os much.


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    Hey Anne,good choice on the PDA, you won't regret it. I just usually get pocket queries from and load them into Cachemate and when I hotsynch they go directly to the PDA.I think there a few threads in here about just what you are talking about. I'm not very good at giving directions but if you are still having trouble I'm sure one of us who use the Palm for paperless caching can help you out.
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    Will find and load and play with Cachemate. I think that is what I was missing. I do get pocket queries so already used to them.

    Might head over to Pettengill Farm today and see what they are doing for geocaching. I saw a new cache put out by the ladies running the farm day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoMaineiacs
    Oh Haffy - you ever written up how you download caches to the PDA? Is it under an older discussion you can point me to? Wasn't I the one that said I'd NEVER go paperless?
    Ann -

    You should get GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) as well. You can do ANYTHING with that cache management software: export waypoints to TDS/GPS/laptop, etc. You just load your pocket queries into it, and you're on your way. It's great!


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    A question from someone who is most definitely not a tech geek . . . Would a Handspring Visor work for geo-caching or is the technology too dated? I'm not exactly sure how old this unit is since it was given to me.
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    Thumbs up Yep!

    Handspring uses Palm OS. Although I'm not sure which version it would have. A simple database like Cachemate should work fine with a Handspring PDA.
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