I haven't been caching but for a month or so. When I first got my GPSr my first thought was to figure out a way to find all the caches in Maine! Well, I've been tempered in the last month and I've got a few caches under my belt and after doing a few drive-by caches, I'm definitely a purveyor of quality over quantity.

It was with this in mind that I saw a cache on Indian Pond. For over a month, this went uncollected and now that I've done it, I'm surprised no one did. This is an 8-leg multi-cache that requires a kayak or canoe or perhaps a small motorboat.

Indian Pond is a few miles outside of Greenville so coming from Cape Elizabeth is an investment of time. I have to say this is more than worth the drive. It's a beautiful lake and I happened to hit it on a wonderful day. I won't reiterate what you can read in the log on GC.com, only to say that it took about 4 hours to complete by myself at a pretty leisurely pace. fffarmer took a lot of time to prepare this with laminated clues, camouflaged pill bottles, and well-placed cache locations. If you're a kayaker/cacher I'd highly recommend this, especially with the foliage here in the next couple of weeks.

Being new to this, are there other caches like this? "this" being kayak/canoe caches or multi-caches, or land-based caches that take more than 10 minutes to find? Ones that would get a "10"?

I'm also curious why this sat for a month without anyone going after it. So many others are found the day they are published or perhaps the next day. Was it the location (outside of Greenville)? Was it the boating requirement? Was it the eight-leg multi?

I had so much fun doing this cache that I've thought about doing something similar in Southern Maine and wonder what might make it enticing...

Thanks, bhansenme