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Thread: Something to think about

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    Default A matter of perspective

    Renegade Knight Posted on forum The Hunt/The Unusual: Oct 24 2003, 01:06 AM

    "There is a cache, that had a good view, just like the other 15 caches in the general vicinity. The spot sucked and is plunder bait. There was nothing special about the container, other than it didnít quite seal right. The hike was through cheat grass which gets in your socks and shoelaces and is a real pain in the butt to get out. This cache stands out and I will remember it as a cut above most of the 500 or so Iíve found. Yes there are lame caches out there. But far and away what you get out of a cache experience is what you bring to it. Everything negative I said above is true from an anal retentive analytical standpoint, and yet this is what I saw as I went after this cache.

    The cache itself was placed by a pre-school age child on an outing with this father. The son wanted to place a cache. He chose the toys that went into the cache himself. Each one exactly what he wanted to share with the world. When they went out to place it he hiked through the cheat grass which would be twice the nuisance for him as for me and which became part of his gift in that cache. While hiking and being guided by his muse he looked for the perfect spot. Soon he finally found exactly what he was looking for. Not just any spot, but his spot, the one that called to him. I can picture the certainty with which he knew this, and I can feel the power that he felt in knowing this decision was his and his alone. A moment of triumph in a world we know will soon enough crash reality down about his young shoulders. But that future world holds no power over him now. This is his moment. Every rock used to hide the cache was chosen specially for the job and had a place that fit perfectly in his mind. When he walked away it was a job well done.

    And so it was."

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    i'm glad that you posted that, tat. we never can know what anyone is thinking when they place a cache. i think we all have our reasons for the spots we choose. mine are places that are dear to me because of the history of them (walks and picnics with my granddaughters, the twinkies; the many afternoons i took my sons swimming at oak point - and the afternoon i had to go back and wade out to find michael's wallet because his driver's permit was in it; places i've been to for years; places i always wanted to go but never could seem to get there; and places shown to me by dear friends). i know that some of my choices have been questioned and that is okay. i cannot and do not expect others to know what was in my heart at the moment i placed the caches. conversely, i have no idea what was going on with others when i visit their caches. i try to always leave each cache i visit with a positive thought, or rather, 2 positive thoughts. one, that i found the cache (or even that i didn't but i tried). two, that i made the effort, reached the goal and that i did something good for myself. i also want to thank pooh and friends for the "rule of the three Cs." i know that it is so much easier to condemn, criticize and complain than to find the positive, to compliment, to praise. i have that rule on my computers at work and at home. i have always tried to live by it but it is nice to have the reminder.
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