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With the help of some of the great folks on this forum we became paperless last week. We have only been caching paperless one day so far and have a lot to learn yet, but so far we have found it to be the way to go. Like someone else mentioned it's like having 500 up to date sheets of paper in your pocket. Before; thinking we were going to be near certain caches we would print a sheet, a few weeks later we may print another and so on, we have had as many as 5 sheets printed for one cache. Now we have them updated almost daily, and no matter where you go you have the info you need. Actually for the price of a few ink cartridges, a few reams of paper, and a few ring binders, you to can be a paperless cacher.
Farmer, not to mention the growls you get from the boss as you reprint them taken out the last 1/2 hour of the day before leaving work and tieing up the 1 common printer on the floor so that eveyone else is working ot on friday night