Maybe it's just me, but I've been having a very odd situation happen in the little ol' town of Unity.

I have a Samsung TV with the integrated HDTV tuner. The picture is great and the sound is great, but I've run across two glitches and I don't know if it's the TV or the station broadcasting the show.

Glitch #1:
This has happened twice. The picture is there. The background noise is there, but the dialogue is not. The first time this happened I could hear the roar of the crowd at a football game (the Pats were playing), but the announcers could not be heard. The second time it happened (the other night while watching Cold Case I could hear the background street noise, but not the actors dialogue. The station is WABI (CBS) in Bangor. I've contacted both Samsung and WABI and each says they think there is no problem on their end and that it was the other that most likely had the problem, although WABI admits that they're still a little unfamiliar with the whole HDTV thing. The analog broadcast comes through fine and often after flipping back to the HDTV broadcast the "glitch" seems to resolve itself.

Glitch #2:
This happens alot . . . usually when I'm watching a HDTV program and it switches to a local commercial. It does not occur when watching a non-HDTV, but digital program. The TV show cuts from the show to a local commercial or station ID and the TV proceeds to shut itself off and then on again. Once again this has happened with WABI and once again both Samsung and WABI say the other entity is probably to blame.

So my question . . . has anyone else had this happen to them or am I special . . . well, I know I'm special, but I mean is this unique to me? Both issues are relatively minor, but irritating.