Seems like the traditional "Ammo Box" is once again being We need to get these folks up here to do some of our Ammo box caches.

By the way I've done several of hoamdezinah's, Gob-ler's and other's super great micro hides and have had a blast being tested by the warped minds of the I wouldn't say they are more fun but definately a well done micro is better than a poorly done ammo box.

I've enlarged and bold typed the "challenge" in the following post. Ammo boxes in need of supporters, any takers?????

November 29 by

This one was the first of seven that I found on this wonderful spring-like day... In the very tail-end of November. : )

A much easier find than I was expecting or ever could have hoped for! Although; I was discussing such things with hoamdezinahs and we both agreed - when you're used to finding these (and hiding them, for that matter) it seems to come much easier.
My hint to you? Once you can start thinking out of the ammo-box, looking for and finding very well hidden micros can be downright FUN and dare I say, much more enjoyable.
This is certainly another one of those fun caches, along with the three others that HD has put right in this immediate area. Well worth the trip (no matter how far you have come) so you can run the full gauntlet of these five geocaches. Enjoy!