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    Default Thank you Sudonim

    Thank you Andy for making our coin a reality. I know a lot of us got to thank you in person yesterday, but it didn't seem like enough. We are all truly grateful to you. The coins are beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cameoooooo
    but it didn't seem like enough. We are all truly grateful to you. The coins are beautiful.
    My navigator has been playing with his coin all day. The Team is making plans to distribute those beautiful coins to our caches. Thanks Andy. And all of you who helped along the way. You are no longer up to your neck..................... Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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    Thanks to everyone involved!! They are awesome!
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    thanks for all the work and thanks for sending my coins with Tom. I was not sure if he was going to be going and I knew I would not make it up so I ordered them mailed. I was going to call TAT and let him know to save y'all the postage but never got the chance.

    and hey, the Coins look Great, I am now trying to figure out where the first one is going.


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    Default Awesome!

    I got my coins yesterday and I can't wait to give them to my members of my family that cache. They are very nice. Thanks Andy!

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    I agree, thanks! I forgot I didn't make a order, nice huh? But, I bought one off Mike so I left with a coin to. Excellent job!
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