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Thread: Help with "Where's In A Name" Locationless

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    Default Help with "Where's In A Name" Locationless

    I'm trying to log the "Where's In A Name" Locationless cache GC3153 before it gets archived at the first of the year. That requires me to find another cacher at a coordinate my nickname "converts" to to get a GPSr photo at a a location of that coordinate. My longitude is 68* 47.966 which seems to run north and south near Bangor. The cacher who helps me with the photo gets to log the find too . If you want to log it by getting a GPSr screenshot at THAT logitude and ANY me through the website. Thanks for any help.

    P.S. This is a great state website!!

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    This is a fun locationless cache to do. I helped a couple of other people out with this one,one from Connecticut and another from Iowa who actually named a cache with me and we still keep in contact. Here is the cache with my name on it out in Iowa.

    There are quite a few places that intersect with that longitude in the Bangor area. Union St,Ohio St,Broadway and even Rt 15 in North Orrington all have those longitudes along it's route. If anyone wants to help with this one and get credit for another locationless before they are all transferrred to Waymarking before the first of the year then this is a good a time as any.
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    Hi Muirwoody,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I got a picture today, will list it tonight.


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