Last weekend MsTeeLee and I went on a Northern Maine caching expedition - 714 miles round trip! We got a fair number of caches and thought I'd say a few things in case anyone else was considering going.

It's a long ways up there!

If you think there are no trees left in Maine, make a point to go up!

Don't excpect to find a store or resteraunt around every corner!

The Shin Pond area is a remote section with lots of history. And there are 4 caches all near each other, all worthy of a visit:
By the Hair of My Shinny Shin Shin (GCGEB4) by AA1YB & N1NJB (2/2)
Grand Pitch Carry (GCGX31) by Bogster (2.5/3)
Shin Pond House of Yesteryear (GCGMNA) by Tumpy Dog (4/4)
Deer ME on Soule Ridge (GCGZG6) by The Maine Family (Emmalouwho and Dad (3/2.5)

Most of the hills are not that high, but are quite steep! The three climbs we did were:
BigRock (GC6C54) by Team-Pine (2.5/3) - is a killer climb the way we went, way far up and steep!
A.S.P. (GCG4CM) by team-pine (1/3.5) - we liked this the best, great view despite a rainy day.
Haystack (GC4495) by Msansanbi (2/3) - a short but very steep, lots of loose sharp rocks - but fun just the same.

We had a good time with all the caches we did, they are like caches everywhere - some good, some great. These are not visited often. Many we did had not been visited for nearly a year. Some had been logged in the log book but not online. The area is a lot different than down here, it's too bad more people don't get a chance to visit these caches.