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Thread: Where are the County cachers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_Cyr
    ski-doo junk!!!

    We have 1600 miles of trail here in the county, that dont make sense. We only groom though when its time too, not when we have... oh 4" of snow on the ground!
    4" of snow. Try like 8 to 10.
    Blazing Troll

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    Quote Originally Posted by attroll
    Well Jordan I don't know what the heck your talking about. For the last two years people from the county have been come south to get there snowmobling in early in the season.
    Well I hate to admit it . . . but Attroll is right . . . last few winters most of the early season storms were hitting in the southwestern portions of the State. That said . . . my first ride of the year last year was in early to mid January in the County . . . but it was way up in the crown around Frenchville-Fort Kent way.

    However, start spreading the word about the snow conditions being lousy in the county so when I come up there will be more wide open trails and the rest of the folks will be riding bumper to bumper in western Maine!
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    How to keep the beer cold, and you thought you had some snow!!

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    wow, i gotta go get my swamp boots on, cuz the ****** starting to get pretty deep in this one.....
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    Interested in FTF than up here is the place for you. Just looked in a 75 circle and found 18 some of then over two years old. The oldest FTF that we have is over two years old from Quebec.
    We hate mindless caches placed in the woods without a reason, nothing but the cache in a plastic bag on a tree.

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