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Thread: Garmin vs. Magellan

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    d’76 Guest

    Default Garmin vs. Magellan

    I would be interested in knowing which GPSr make and model that you use and why that Gps has worked for you or not worked for you.

    Please, this is not an opportunity to bust on the competition.

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    I have a Garmin 60c which is a great unit. Many great features, easy to use, great reception, good maps and auto routing. I can't think of any cons. My first unit was a Garmin 12 which I still have. Makes a great backup unit.

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    I also have the Garmin GPSMap 60c. What I like best is the autorouting when using Garmin's Mapsource - City Select. Has great maps of both USA and Canada. I'd consider this unit one of the 2-3 best units for geocaching.

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    I bought a Garmin 60CS this summer. Expensive, but worth every penny.

    I had a Magellan Sport Trak and I sold it to buy this, wouldn't go back to Magellan again. Garmin---all the way.
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    I started out with Garmin's RINO (RADIO INTEGRATED NAVIGATION OUTDOORS) 110 and liked it real well but wanted another to use the position reporting feature it comes with. I soon purchased the 130 model of RINO and now this Christmas just got my second 130 model. I love the two-way radio feature and can use this position reporting feature with any other RINO user and the two-way radio capabilites can be used with most any other hand-held two-way FRS/GMRS system. I just love these units and now the RINO family has added two more models, the 520 & 530 with more memory and more features. Here is a list of features in the 130 Model:

    Rino 130 Features:
    • 12-channel, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
    • Transmit power: 1 watt on high power (for GMRS channels), .5 watt for low power (FRS channels)
    • Transmit distance: up to 2 miles using FRS, up to 5 miles with GMRS
    • 14 FRS channels, 8 GMRS channels, and 8 GMRS repeater channels (using GMRS frequency in the U.S. requires a FCC license)
    • 38 sub-audible squelch codes per transmission channel for semi-private radio communications
    • Electronic compass displays accurate heading while standing still
    • Electronic barometric altimeter sensor with automatic pressure trend recording
    • Detects up to 7 NOAA weather channels with weather alert tones
    • External voice activation (VOX)
    • Waterproof to IPX-7 standards (immersible in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes)
    • Ergonomic design for one-handed operation, with Call and Press-To-Talk (PTT) and Page mode buttons on the side, Power/Backlighting button on top, Volume and Zoom buttons on front, and center Thumb Stick
    • Unique Thumb Stick for channel selection and volume adjustment in FRS/GMRS mode, and quick map panning, enter and selection functions in GPS mode
    • Sends and receives GPS location using FRS and GMRS channels and shows them on the map
    • Stores up to 500 waypoints, with graphic identification and 20 reversible routes
    • Robust track log: 10,000 trackpoints and up to 20 saved tracks to retrace user’s path or companion’s path via location-reporting feature
    • Trip computer with speed tracking, sunrise/sunset read out, trip time, and trip distance
    • Includes a polling feature which allows a user to manually request GPS location information from other Rino units
    • Sends and receives short text notes for quiet communication
    • Built-in basemap for North and South America
    • 24-MB internal memory for loading MapSource detail, including U.S. Topo 24K™, U.S. Topo™, Recreational Lakes™, BlueChart®, and MetroGuide®.
    • Battery life of 14 hours (typical use) on three AA alkaline batteries
    • Backlit display
    • More than 10 position formats and over 100 map datums
    • Multiple grid formats including MGRS and Loran TD
      Please note: Check your local radio agency for use outside the U.S. and Canada.
    We are pleased to announce that the FCC has granted Garmin a waiver that will allow the Rino series units to send position data on GMRS channels. In addition, Industry Canada has established a license-free GMRS service. Canadian Rino units will now allow users access to GMRS channels. Position sending/polling will also be allowed on Canadian GMRS channels. These new capabilities are available with a simple software update obtained free of charge from the Garmin Web site.

    SOOOOO COOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GARMIN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Come on.....lets here from the 14 Magellan users, what ya got to say about your unit???????? Speak up, we'll go fairly easy on you, thats if you got something real good to say about Magellan

    Just kidding.
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    Magellan Meridian (color) . . . had all the features I wanted (mapping ability, auto-routing for driving the vehicle, ability to show on a detailed map where I was while on the ATV or sled or while hiking, geo-caching, color screen, etc.) and I was able to pick it up in a bundled package for a sweet deal which is what ultimately lead me to purchase it. So far I've got no complaints.
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    d’76 Guest


    I use a Garmin 60c aswell. I like it, it seems to loose reception often. I returned it to the place of purchase and got another 60c. I this one has the same trouble. Does this mean that when the batteries get low the signal gets weak also? Everything else is awesome about it. I wish the games where better . I think that the only thing that would make this unit better was if it updated faster when walking in the woods.

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    Default Garmin eTrex Vista C

    My first unit. Got it primarily to keep a track of where I went kayaking and how to find my way back to the launch point. Waterproof was big concern. Topo maps have better representation of the lakes and those could be downloaded to this. Found out about geocaching after I had the unit and I don't have any complaints there. Always pretty accurate (except for Hinkley Park). Great little unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty & Co.
    Come on.....lets here from the 3 Magellan users, what ya got to say about your unit???????? Speak up, we'll go fairly easy on you, thats if you got something real good to say about Magellan

    Just kidding.
    Well, I got the SportTrack Map brand new for a total investment of around $40.00, and it does what it is supposed to do. I've cached with Garmin users (and use one of my school's Gekos from time to time) and honestly don't see much difference. Sometimes the Garmins get a better lock, sometimes the SportTrack does. If extra cash were available, I'm sure I'd buy a CS, just 'cause I like cool toys--I don't really think it would effect my find/DNF ratio any though.

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