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Thread: Your best cache of 2005?

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    Default Your best cache of 2005?

    This time of year lends itself to reflection and I wonder if I could draw some of you into a discussion about what makes a memorable cache. What was your favorite cache of 2005? What was the most unusual cache feature you ran across in 2005 (location? camo? placement? hints? theme? puzzle? company? title?) I discovered caching this summer when we moved up here to Maine from Virginia and thought it would be a good way to get to know my new neighborhood. Boy has that ever been true. For me, 2005 will be the year I discovered a new and engrossing hobby that I can do with my kids. I did a lot of walking (and driving) around but only placed 1 cache. In 2006 I'd like to think about placing some more caches, but I'd like to move beyond the "box in the woods" even though I've enjoyed all my experiences so far. So what I'd like to hear about is what makes for a great cache. Thanks.

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    Our best cache for '05' was in N.H. in Knight's Pond Conservation area. It was a micro cleverly disguised as a rock. It was our 100th cache that made it special. Next would have to be the event caches that we attended this year. It gave us the opportunity to put faces with names and make new friends.
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    My favorite of the year was Drum and Bass Arena on top of Soubungee Mt.... navigated up the next to hardest way of the Mt. (but not the hardest up the vertical face of it) bushwhacking the entire time, just to find the cache destroyed by critters. The hike was long and rough but even though the cache wasn't there, the views from on top definitley were.
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    I haven't been geo-caching long but I would have to say that just about every single cache that I did in Deer Isle-Stonington was great . . . wonderful views and pleasant hikes/walks.
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    There are so many great caches in the state that it is hard to pick just one. I think anyone of Homedezinahs micro caches in the Windham-Westbrook area are a real treat and not your typical hide,Alexanders Challenge is one that comes to mind. Out of all the other so-called traditional caches the multi-cache hide by Smitty & Co. at the Hinkley School Nature Trail is a real winner and it's close to my home as well. And just as FirghterFighterJake has said any cache by Becket on DeerIsland-Stonington is great. I don't think you can go wrong with any cache hide as long as it takes you to a place you wouldn't have gotten to were it not for geocaching and just the friendships that can be made along the way. Just attend a local cache event in the near future and see what I mean. Happy 2006 to all.
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    Default I have to pick just one?

    For me, it's the cache events and the memories that are created at these get-togethers. From Rick in tights, to the mystery elephant, to the hicks waiting in the rain for diehard cachers to show up, to the Good Green Door, to shiny new Maine coins, to frogs surviving when buried up to their necks. I could go on and on and on. All of us have different memories of these events. Thanks to all that put forth the effort to get our big caching family together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake
    I haven't been geo-caching long but I would have to say that just about every single cache that I did in Deer Isle-Stonington was great . . . wonderful views and pleasant hikes/walks.

    Three cheers for Becket!

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    Joe and I disagree <G> but for him the favorite is "You sank my Battleship" in Bangor due to the fascinating sites it takes you to all over the city. Mine is "Morse Mountain" in Phippsburg as I think it is one of the best places in Maine for a view - ocean to the mountains. We've been to so many great places through geocaching. Thanks to all who have placed them and we sure are looking forward to many more hunts. We're working on placing our first cache soon.

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    The kayak event comes to mind but, when I think of it, there were just too many. I counted 340 logs; finds, dnfs, wrote a note, will attend and attended.

    The ones I did with my brother in Montana and Wyoming with his 4x4 are high on the list. Germany and the Uk, were different, but how can measure finally finding Dyslexic and adding Halfmile to the list of dnf caches.

    And dnf caches are some of the most fun! Just look at Crop Circles, I'll never get that one! But, then I didn't think I'd get "X-marks the spot, no, honestly" in the UK (3 dhfs!).

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    Talking Not one cache, please

    The best time of 2005 HAD to be our trip to Grand Manan Island New Brunswick Canada. The trip was with KK, Mumsbee and The Old Drone. We cached for two days, in windy and fridgid temps, only stopping to stuff ourselves with, just caught lobsters. The views were spectacular and the pictures memories of a wonderful trip. I will tell this story for years. Even the ride over on the ferry . Thanks Karen, Wheet and Jerry for the trip, and the company.
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