Any one ever call and just check up on your services that you have provided. Well today I did and I suggest all of you do the same. About a year ago I upgraded from dail up to DSL from Verizon. Today I get in the mail a flyer from Verizon that I usually just throw away. Well today I opened it and read it (I dont know why) It was a Personalized profile for my account. While I was reading this I noticed that the info said that I had the very best, HUH I said. I went to see my connection speed and it was at 100 mbps and there best was much higher than that. I called them and found out that since I got DSL they have had many upgrades. So they bottom line is that I was paying 29.99 a month for much less product than they advertise now, After speaking with someone they bumped me to the highest that they have and didnt charge me a cent and my monthly stays the same.