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I don't see where the confusion is. We specifically said that the coin is not trackable on GC.com or elsewhere so I don't know where everyone is getting this information.
I don't think there's any confusion on the part of the "regulars" on geocachingmaine.org. We all knew that they coins were not trackable. Regardless, the first Maine geocoin sold on eBay stated (erroneously) that the coin was trackable on this site. I myself made a comment to the effect that the seller could expect a lot of bad feedback is someone bought his coins expecting that they were trackable.

But having said that, we don't know who Rick is getting the emails from. I suspect they may be from people who bought coins - either from this site or eBay - not realizing that they were NOT trackable. Caveat emptor.

But if there's a way to log the coin number that you have, then be able to track it even if (as expected) it gets "collected" after only one or two caches, I say go for it and make the coin owner haooy