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Thread: OT: FFJake gives blood

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    You should just go and do it!!! I absolutly hate neddles and time can be very hard to come by but I got into the habbit of doing it with my daughter. do it to spend time with someone you love, it is a great group activity!!!! After a while I was approached to donate double reds or whites, so this last year when my duaghter found out she was pregnant and could not give blood for now I signed up for double reds. It takes about the same time or maybe a little longer that the regular way, you do not have to sit around when you are done and you only give blood 3 times a year so it takes even less time. That and you get more confortable beds Now when I am do to give again I just call and ask them what they need.

    If I can do it as big a wimp as I am I know you can do it!!!!!!

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    If you want to give blood, try caching in the Maryland woods. Maryland Briars are legendary (as are 8' fences off of a major highway that some morons who prefer to remain nameless (guilty grin) scale to avoid a long trek to cache!).

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