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Thread: Chat Room times

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    Default Chat Room times

    I just got done chatting with Brdad and Haffy6. They seemed to thinke that a good chat time would be 8pm. So what does everyone think of a 8pm chat time?
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    I agree.

    Since this is not a global site (yet), we'll at least all be in the same time zone!

    9:00pm wouldn't be too late either...
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    I mentioned 7 in the other forum. I do prefer 8 actually.. 7 still alot of sun out in the summer and you can find me on my motorcycle, I can stay inside on hot days.
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    i Guess 8 would work although i must admit i do not get online much before 9:30 10:00 most of the time but we cant make everybodys schedule. So , i would do my best to make it when I can..

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