Well, it took 35 days to find the time and the weather but we finally found our first cache this morning. Jen and I decided to take our 2 Shar-Pei's for a walk this morning down to Dodge Point in Newcastle with full intentions of making our first find. We took the Ravine Trail and had a nice hike. The girls, Tyka and Kayko, loved being out and checking out all the scents from the last 12 million dogs that had been through there. Found the cache without too much trouble thanks to the warm weather and a little snow melt. We left a little wooden pumpkin since I grow giant pumpkins and we took a little heart shaped blue key hook.
Our next hunt should be Cinco de Mayo in Damariscotta.
Thanks to TwoMainieacs - Anne and Joe, letting us know about caching.

Bill and Jen