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Thread: Caching Close Call

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    Exclamation Caching Close Call

    You know the saying that god loves idiots, puppies and children-guess which one I fall under. While I was out recently to cache in the good weather-I took on the Community Trail Cache in Unity-which was a beautiful cool day, the walk by the stream was nice...and when I tried to get accross what looked like a shallow part of the stream-turned out to be chest deep, and the water was a tad cold, and I started to panic-I had my fire dept radion with me, and I was about to call mayday. Instead, I stopped, realized that I was starting to panic, and slowly but surely pulled my wet, stupid hard headed self out. I did get the cache though. Next time, I'll wait till the snow is gone.


    I realized I had described the wrong Cache-It was the Minnie Wee Cache 2/2/06
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    wow, you're pretty lucky that the cold water didn't throw your body into shock. So there's a lesson to be learned here today.... always drink a lot before going hiking, so in case of such an event you can relieve yourself to make the water warmer.
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    Bear, I'm glad I did that cache before I read your log. I got a little luckier (not skill) than you on the crossing. On the way back, I got scared and used the bridge (had to crawl down at the end). Be careful folks!

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    wow - that is scary!
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    I had a moment very similar to that when I did the oosla park cache and I thought the cache might be down over the bank and I broke through the river in the dead of last winter. I only went to my belly but you have to wonder where your going to stop. And to boot it was a dnf. What a B**ch

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    This is why I always wear my Water Wings on my arms when I go geo-caching.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who will do just about anything to find a cache!
    Glad you are ok and hope for the new year we all do things a little more carefully.

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