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    As many of you know, If you are a Premuim Member of you can download pocket quarries which is awesome since you don't have to hand enter coords to caches. And this way there is no wrong info sent to your gps and palm... Right?

    Well maybe some one in here has experianced this before or can tell my why this happened.

    For many threads I wouldnt care but for this one no Bull Sh*t this time. I would like for this one to stay on topic, I say that because if this is a legitate problem I will recommend this thread to others.

    So here is the problem. Attached is a "false Pocket Quarry"

    I zeroed out my gps at the spot that says Little Round Pond incorrect. I looked everywhere and no cache to be found and further more the directions and all that stuff didnt make any sense. After looking for along time and bushwacking nearly an 1/8 of a mile I read the cache mate file to find that the coords where way off and that it was rated a 1/2 so how can the pq file for the gps and the palm differ when they are the same file. After looking at the palm I hand entered to coords to the gps and walla I am 1.17 miles from the cache and the tresure chest is no where to be found. I get home and delete that cache and do another pocket quarry to find this time there is nothing wrong. I dont get it. Any suggestion would be great. And attached is also the link to the cache.
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